Relieve the symptoms of dry eye and promote eye health.

Dry, irritated eyes aren’t just a nuisance—they can be a signal that your eyes are suffering from an underlying cause. Dry Eye Syndrome is a serious medical condition that can have lasting effects on eye health. While changes to your health, habits, or environment can trigger dry eye, it’s important to identify and treat the underlying cause and protect eye tissue.

Learn more about the powerful benefits of Prokera® technology and whether this treatment is right for your condition.


Prokera® works like a temporary bandage, helping to decrease inflammation, promote healing, and reduce eye pain associated with Dry Eye Syndrome.

Prokera® is a corneal healing lens that delivers powerful bioactive compounds that are clinically proven to:

  • control inflammation,
  • promote healing,
  • and minimize further risk to eye tissue.

You can think of it as a temporary bandage for your eye!

Prokera® can only be inserted and removed by a trained eye doctor.

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